Check-in with us as you go through this challenge! Post on Facebook and Instagram showing us your progress as you move through the exercises. Make sure to use the hashtag #posturechallenge and #posturechallenge2021 and tag @rangemasterpt (Instagram) and @rangemastershouldertherapy (Facebook)! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see exercise references, videos, and our team going through the challenge! 

At the end of the challenge, we will be sending out a Challenge Reward to those who complete the challenge and post one social post a week checking in with us. That is just 4 posts (remember to use the hashtag #posturechallenge2021 and #posturechallenge) over the course of the 30 days! You got this! 

You can also download a social post template in the resources of this lesson for use on social media. Not required, but please feel free to do so!

Don’t have a social account? No worries! Simply send us an email with what your social post would be. Just 4 emails, check in with us once a week! Email us at

Community Discussion

We encourage everyone to get involved and help each other.

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