Day 1: Gain Posture Awareness

First things first, you need to check your posture. This will help you understand what your current posture looks like.

Posture awareness is crucial for you to master this challenge and continue to maintain proper posture.

How to Check Your Posture

Place the back of your head against the wall and move your heels about 6 inches away from the wall. You want to make sure your shoulder blades and butt are still against the wall. 

Measure the spaces between the wall and your neck and your lower back to the wall. If both spaces are over 2 inches, your posture is off track. Don’t worry, this is what you’re here to solve! 

We’re starting this challenge off with an exercise you should make a part of your daily routine, Chin Tucks. Chin Tucks help us build up our posterior muscles to help our body adjust to good alignment.

How to do Chin Tucks

  1. Stand with your back against the wall, heels touching the base of the wall, and place one hand on the small of your back. Have your palm against the wall and activate your core muscles.  

  2. Without arching your back, work to see if the base of your skull can touch the wall. As you work towards this, your chin should tuck into your chest.

  3. If the base of your skull cannot touch the wall, your posture is off track. Do not worry, this is what you are here to solve! 

  4. If you feel a stretch in the front of your neck and down into your upper back, this is the perfect exercise for you to continue to repeat.  

  5. Hold this stretch for 10-20 seconds 3 times throughout the day. 

  6. This is an exercise you should be doing daily throughout this challenge to in turn make it a habit for yourself. 

  7. Driving to work or the grocery store? You can also do this in the car while sitting. Make sure you do not arch your back. Work the base of your skull to your headrest as your chin tucks into your chest. 

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