Day 13: Do Two Plank Exercises

The plank strengthens your abdominal muscles and spine. These benefits highly improve posture. Plank exercises also help keep your bones aligned.

How To Do Plank Exercises

  1. Plant your hands directly under your shoulders. Arms should be parallel and shoulder width apart.
  2. Firmly plant your toes to the ground, squeeze your glutes, and activate your core. This will keep your body stable throughout this exercise.
  3. Look down at the floor to keep your head and neck aligned with your spine in a neutral position.
  4. Take deep, slow breaths, and hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds.
  5. Do two planks, each for 10-15 seconds. 

Alternative #1: Knee Plank

Drop to your knees, place the tops of your feet on the floor behind you, place your hands underneath your shoulders. Squeeze your glutes and core. 

Alternative #2: Elbow Plank

If you have sensitive wrists, place your elbows on the ground underneath your shoulders. Either on your knees or toes hold the plank position and press into your elbows.

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