Day 20: Rest

Phew! This 30 Day Posture Challenge has included a few strenuous exercises for bettering your posture, and you’re almost at the finish line!

  • How are you feeling? 
  • Are you noticing a difference in how your body holds itself throughout the day?

Pay attention as you move through the day. 

  • How are you sitting when you work, watch TV, eat dinner? 
  • How are you standing? 

These posture exercises are great, but you must also be mindful of how your body is positioned. These exercises are here to help you build your muscles that help you keep good posture; they won’t magically make you have good posture. Make sure to reference the good posture tips that are found at the beginning of this challenge. 

We'd love to hear how you're doing so far. Sound off below!

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