Equipment Needed

Very minimal equipment is needed to complete the exercises in the challenge.

  • Mat, optional
  • Stretch Strap, or a towel, belt, dog leash
  • Exercise ball, optional (Used in an alternative to an exercise. Other alternatives given)

Do not feel like you need to go out and purchase any of these items. This challenge can be completed without them. But it will be easier to follow along if you have the same equipment that we do in our videos.

If you are looking for a stretch strap, RangeMaster does sell them on our website and on Amazon.

The Stretch Strap We Use

Blue RangeMaster Stretch Strap

RangeMaster Stretch Strap

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Gentle, prolonged stretches are simplified with the RangeMaster® Stretch Strap. Six feet of durable nylon webbing is complemented with tough elastic loops stitched in that provide anchoring position for feet and/or hands. The one-inch-wide strap comes with several exercise routines in a user guide.

The greatest feature of the RangeMaster Stretch Strap is the 'center loop' making it easy to find stretching balance!

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