The Exercises To Improve Your Posture In 30 Days

Now for the exercises! We have organized this challenge so that each day you will get a new exercise or combination of previous exercises to help your range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. All three of these components help your body perform in an optimal way. Your range of motion helps your joints be able to move with the bones and muscles in your body. Flexibility and stretching allows the muscles to length and shorten in an efficient way to make sure the body can move through everyday activities. Mobility is the ability for range of motion and flexibility to work together to help you do the activities you love. The goal of this challenge is to help your body gain range of motion and flexibility, which in turn helps your body stay in perfect alignment. 

Something to keep in mind as we move through this challenge, everyone’s body is different. Everyone has different levels of mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. Be gentle and patient with your body. If some of these exercises are new to you, go slowly focusing on good form. Make sure to breathe as you move through the exercises. Don’t hold your breath, as it will cause your muscles to tense up. Relax your body and give it time to adjust, move, and grow. Some of these exercises may be difficult, but it is ok to get uncomfortable. This is how our bodies learn a new routine. For those with poor posture, your body will be uncomfortable as it gets used to this new way of moving. This challenge was created to help your body change how it is currently holding itself. That is a lot of change. Be patient and breathe. Your body will not react well to a lot of quick movements all at once. We can do hard things. Be grateful your body allows you to move every day. Do not take that for granted. Most importantly, if you feel any pain while going through these, do not keep going: stop, breathe, and try again later. If the pain persists, always consult your medical professional. 

Let’s dig in, team, and get aligned together!

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