Why Good Posture is Important

With so many people working and studying from the comfort of their couch, practicing good posture has become harder to maintain. That’s why we’ve designed this challenge. We want you to feel your absolute best this year! It is imperative to maintain good posture for these reasons:

  • Sitting up straight with your body correctly aligned can help you focus and work efficiently. 
  • Bad posture puts strain on your spine and muscles. This is because the tension in your bones is not fairly distributed.
  • If you suffer from severe lower back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain, bad posture habits are likely the cause and may exacerbate this.
    Poor posture causes tension in the neck which leads to headaches and shoulder pain.
  • Good posture can increase your lung capacity. When you slouch, it compresses your lungs, causing an inefficient supply of air to fill your lungs.
  • Maintaining proper posture can help improve your digestion and blood circulation.
    You can strengthen your core and upper body muscles by practicing proper posture.
  • Exercising can feel easier and more effective for someone with proper posture.
  • People appear taller and slimmer when they have good posture.
  • Good posture boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Community Discussion

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